The Place Holder

Once again, my technology has stymied my blogging. This time it’s a failure of my internet provider. So I can’t show any pictures of the fabulous 50s blouse that I’ve been hand sewing for the past week, on and off (what can I say, my hand sewing moves at glacial pace. But still faster than my home internet right now).

But in the mean time, I thought I’d at least tease with the pattern.



I’ve gone with the bottom left option, in a floral/striped cotton. So far, it’s looking good, apart from one minor issue with the facings around the neck. I’ve had to do some fairly serious re-sizing to get the pattern to fit me – I wish I could say that I was a 32″ bust, but sadly I’m not – and forgot to add to the back facing to compensate, so there’s an infill in the facing. Part apart from that, it’s been a breeze to put together, and I’m loving it. Fingers crossed, I’ll have some internet at home to upload pictures soon…