Living the dream

I’ve had some excellent news this morning. I will soon be the proud owner of my own private space for sewing. So I’ve started looking at how I can get it set up to best suit my needs. The stash itself should be pretty easy to arrange. Afterall, I have my shelving unit, and it mostly fits now. But there’s the crucial machine placement (and whether I can find a way to upgrade to industrial machines, but that’s a question for another day).

I have to factor in lighting. Afterall, the best sewing is done with plenty of light, right? And I need cutting space – not to mention a proper cutting table. I’m thinking that the folding picnic table I’ve been using up until now is probably not going to cut it. So I’ve been searching the internet for inspiration. And boy, is there plenty of it.

I’m liking the look of space some of these have, the elegant simplicity.

I could happily work here – although I doubt it would look like that for too long. So perhaps something a bit less minimalist would work better. The one below has a lot to recommend it in terms of practicality. It is an actual work space, rather than a designers dream of how a work space would be.

Still, it’s a little too cramped for my taste. Practical, but not spacious enough (although I am jealous of that pattern drawer unit). I’d take either of these instead:

Nice, bright, and seemingly well laid out. They look like spaces that I could easily spend hours in – provided I had the right tunes going in the background, of course.

Before I get too carried away, though, a reality ceck might be in order. Because my sewing space is not going to be a whole room, or anything close to any of the images above. It’s a storage room under the house. It has a low ceiling, no natural light, and lovely brown tiles to match the creamy bricks exposed on all four walls. Oh, and in the most interesting feature, it has a 10cm gap at the top of the door, so I’m not even certain it’s weather tight because I know it’s no dust or spider tight. It is also home to a large Ikea expedit shelving unit that I couldn’t fit upstairs when I moved in. Or rather, which I couldn’t convince the movers that they would be able to get up the turn in the stairs (so could have done it, they were just lazy). So really, my sewing room? Yeah, it’s a glorified cupboard with a couple of power points. But I still have hope. I could always do something like these:

I think I’ll start my letter to the landlord now:

Dear Landlord,

Please let me paint/wall paper/otherwise decorate the store room under the house. I want to work under there. Oh, and can I please have a glass hinged door that goes full height, to let natural light in? And while we’re at it, can I pull up the hideous floor tiles and replace them with something more…well, pretty?

Yeah. I think I’ll just start planning my trip to the hardware store for some MDF sheets that can leave with me when I eventually move out, that I can pin stuff all over, and then to Ikea to pick up a few of the gorgeous work laps I’ve seen in their catalogues. And I’ll give Dad the good news that his wood porking skills will be required for a small collapsible cutting table. See? I have a realistic plan of sorts. And, it means my machines are out of my bedroom. It’s progress.


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