The Lady’s Work Room

Ongoing internet dramas mean I am once again posting from my day job. I know. Technology. Don’t get me started.

Lack of interwebs at home has created time that I might otherwise spend playing online, doing things like reading other people’s blogs, that I’m using for sewing. But I have so much other stuff crammed into my fortunately large space that it makes sewing a rather cramped activity. The joys of sharing a house and having no spare room – I take over spare corners where I find them. Like this.


Struggling to juggle furniture, sewing, living, and – on this particular day, due to terrible weather – drying laundry. Earlier this week, this table – the dining table, actually – was the only space available for some summer wardrobe planning.


And yes, before you ask, that is my beloved Singer buried under a mountain of crap in the background of the photo. Needs must, sometimes. Hence, the cutting…er, dining… table usage. In the living room, scrunched up against the back of the couch. At least the wardrobe planning exercise cleared some space in my stash storage, a corner of my bedroom. If you look closely at the photo below, you might be able to spot the square inches of space these fabrics formerly occupied. You might also spot the cubicle where I stash my UFOs. At last check, there were 3 pairs of pants, 2 baby dresses (my niece is now 3, just to give you some idea of how quickly I’m moving on those), 2 dresses, 2 blouses and one jacket. Points for finding which shelf they’re on.


There was once order in this chaos. There was something by way of sorting (by type of fabric, in case you’re wondering…wools, cottons, “shiny” – silks and satins – linings…I can do it when I have to) but then the space began to run out and I panicked, cramming things in wherever there was a hint of space. Hence my current rule, that I’m not allowed to buy any fabric until I’ve used some stash. Unless it’s REALLY cheap and/or pretty. Yeah, I’m great with rules…

Making both of the above seem spacious, though, is the area where the magic actually happens – my sewing space. I have experienced the luxury of a dedicated sewing room. It was a glorious six months before I started sharing a flat, when it was just me and my machines (and a guest bed) in the room. That was given up 18 months and two flats ago. Now, I have my bedroom in a ridiculously awkward arrangement to allow me to fit my sewing table into a corner near both power and light. Then I began to crib the space back for storage. For resting things (note the books…my other obsession is also seriously space intensive. One day, I will have not only a sewing room, but a library as well. One day…Not long after pigs start to fly). My dress form became a secondary wardrobe for coats (that’s the dark bit on the edge of the pic below) and scarves (the cream, red and black confection above). The end result, on a good day, was this:


You can see why I scour the web at lunchtime looking for a cheap space to rent out for my sewing. Anything where I don’t need to move into a different room to press a seam would be nice. But until I find one, I’m doomed to an awkward and uncomfortable sewing life. And daydreams about what I would do to the garage if it had a power point.


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