A Potted History

I love to sew. There, I said it. But more than sewing, I love accumulating the bits and pieces that go with it. The fabrics, patterns, machines, buttons, threads, needles, hooks – the list is endless, even before getting to the finished product. I can spend hours just looking over my collections, which are slowly taking over my room.

More than anything, I love the sense of continuity in the sewing world.The methods used today have evolved over millennia. My toy collection alone can throw up items that are almost a century old, linking back through at least 4 generations of sewing women. There is documentary evidence of methods used back to the middle ages and beyond, some of which has found its way into my hand at various points. And I love it all. 

So I’ve decided to blog about it, learning the traditional methods myself along the way, and sharing what knowledge I have or can get my hands on. In an effort to justify my collections, I’m going to force myself to use what I already have; the books, patterns, machines, all of it. It makes a great excuse to buy other bits and pieces, as well. Not that I’ve ever needed one in the past.  And along the way, I’ll hopefully produce some wearable clothing. Hopefully.


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